Best CBD Sleeping Pills and Oils to Aid Sleeping Problems


Getting a good night sleep can sometimes be a challenge no matter how hard one tries to relax and calm down. A good night sleep is as equally important as other health habits. It can affect your work, relationships and life, in general. According to a survey, roughly 17 percent of adults in the US have trouble falling or staying asleep. A considerable number also reported that they experienced sleeping problems at least once a week.   

While synthetic, doctor-prescribed sleeping tablets are available, there is a growing trend of leaning towards the use of natural remedies. These products are said to alleviate anxiety and sleeplessness in a gentle, more natural manner without any serious side effects. CBD sleep aids are available in the form of CBD oils that can be added to one’s favorite drink or can be taken orally.

Mellowment + Gravity

The addition of melatonin and chamomile to this CBD component is guaranteed to facilitate deeper, longer, more fulfilling sleep.  Its innovative nano-emulsification process makes it possible for its ingredients to be easily absorbed thus increasing its effectiveness by an estimated 400 percent!

Gravity AM

This is perfect for people looking for low impact CBD sleep aids with its 1mg dose of melatonin, 1mg of chamomile and 10mg dose of the product’s water-soluble CBD. Feeling tensed? Gravity AM can help calm the nerves without getting making you feel drowsy thus it is a good pill that can be taken at daytime.

Gravity PM

Gravity PM is the exact opposite of Gravity AM in such that it is designed to provide high impact, immediate effect on sleeping. It contains 25mg of Mellowment’s specially-formulated CBD, 1mg of melatonin and 1mg of chamomile. At times, stress and anxieties might keep a person awake at night. Worry no more as Gravity PM is here to provide maximum relief from stress and anxiety so one can experience deep and restful sleep. Gravity PM also contains 0.0000% of THC.

CBD Oil-Based Products

Here are a few CBD oil products that have received positive reviews.

Serenity Hemp Oil

Priced at $38, Serenity Hemp Oil aims to provide instant relief from insomnia. It can be added to one’s evening tea or directly applied under one’s tongue to feel relaxation and calmness.

Hemp Technology Organic Oil

Looking for something safe and organic at a reasonable price? Consider using hemp oil as it is lab-tested, organic and guarantees to be free of additional additives. Priced at $25,  Hemp Oil gives one the satisfaction of enjoying the highest concentrations of cannabidiol that one need to attain a restful slumber.

Heal Force Hemp Oil Capsules

These capsules are designed for easier absorption of chemicals in a person’s bloodstream. Also, its low 25mg CBD dosage permits the user to enjoy the benefit of a better mood, a stress-free day and a restful night without getting tired and drowsy. Heal Ford Hemp Oils can be bought for $30.

Hemp Fusion Sleep Capsules

This is ideal for people who want immediate relief. Despite its extra strength quality, Hemp Fusion is guaranteed all-natural with 215mg hemp extract, clove oil and black pepper fruit extracts.

There are also CBD sleep aids in the form of chewable gummies such as the CBD Sleepy Z’s edibles. One, however, should not be deceived as these gummies contain 30mg of CBD and 2mg of melatonin for faster results. It is sold at $14. One can also try the Keylor Nutrition Hemp Gummies. It comes in yummy, tropical flavors making the experience more fun with its sweet taste. It is priced at $38.